Lingerie 101 – Understanding The Different Variants Of Lingerie

The Different Variants Of Lingerie

Lingerie 101 – Understanding The Different Variants Of Lingerie

It is not surprising that the combined global sales of lingerie are estimated to be 84.16 Billion for the period 2021-28. And, lingerie being one of the products in the high growth categories, shows promising growth in the coming years and has the potential to surpass all the estimated numbers with ease. The multi-billion-dollar industry does not seem to slow down, and the demand for high-quality outfits offered from establishments such as Lingerie Abu Dhabi is on an all-time high. 

The explosion of such demands from the female populace has resulted in the creation of scores of online lingerie stores that offers the most stunning range of lingerie outfits. These stores provide access to lingerie enthusiasts with a mind-boggling number of lingerie variants from top lingerie brands in the world. Additionally, Lingerie Abu Dhabi is one such store that guarantees a fabulous collection of lingerie at competitive pricing.

In the present era, consumers are much more conscious and aware of the kind of intimate apparels that are compatible with their lifestyle, body and several renowned brands have started manufacturing after thorough research and integrating such inputs into the outfit. Hence, the final product will be something that involves a finely crafted lingerie outfit such as the ones offered by Lingerie Abu Dhabi, that is simultaneously comfortable and compatible with their requirement or lifestyle.  

You can also witness a huge number of seasoned fashion designers being hired by the leading international brands to create some of the most spectacular lingerie outfits that offer jaw-dropping elegance and appeal to the wearer.

Let us now discuss the varied types of lingerie variants and their speciality:


As every human is unique and special, so are her tastes and preference in lingerie! They are purely subjective to her personal needs and sometimes adorned only on special occasions such as date nights, wedding nights, anniversaries or for any other special occasions. 

  • Bra

The Different Variants Of Lingerie

This classic inner garment has been worn by women throughout the centuries that have since evolved so much that they are now available in a diverse spectrum of styles and designs. Technological and scientific superiority has also been reflected in the production of the “bras” so much that anyone can have the best of this innerwear that comes in a varied range of fabrics and features. Some of the common bra variants include Balconette bra, Strapless Bra, T-shirt bra, Plunge Bra, etc. You can check out the amazing collection of lace bras and other exotic outfits from Lingerie Dubai.

  • Bustier

The Different Variants Of Lingerie

Thinking of flaunting your bosom? Well, bustiers are the way to do that!  They are basically dynamic shapewear with a bra incorporated into them. And prominently popularized during the Victorian era, the bustiers are still in fashion and can be seen in different styles and designs. The main feature of this outfit is that it gives a firm lift to your breasts and flattens your entire torso by fastening the strings behind your back. You can explore them and several other exotic lingerie variants at Sexy Lingerie Dubai.

  • Bodystockings

The Different Variants Of Lingerie

There is nothing more suitable than a bodystocking to complement your stunning figure nor to accentuate your appeal for that matter. They are ingeniously designed to be worn at any time of the day and sensually hug your curves and ridges like never before. The basic material used to craft bodystocking is either lace or any similar materials, and the translucency of the stocking depends upon individual interests and preference. If you want to spice up the evening, then a see-through bodystocking is the most compatible attire. Additionally, most of the bodystockings are available with crotchless slits(check Lingerie UAE) making them suitable for bathroom emergencies, where you do not have to remove the entire garment.

  • Corset


These are visually appealing lingerie garments that have similar attributes to the Bustier lingerie outfits. Again being a popular sight during the Victorian era, they are still trendy in the present generation and act as gorgeous shapewear. They help you maintain a jaw-dropping figure by fastening the strings attached behind your back in a steel closure. 

  • Bikini


Which city naturally comes to your mind when thinking about bikinis? Of course, Paris it is! This is the place where the modern-day bikini was invented by the famed fashion designer of this plush city named Jacques Heim. The design was brilliantly executed as there is a certain kind of sensuality and comfort attached to them. They are basically classified into three main variants such as low, mid and high rise bikinis, and you can own them in millions of designs and patterns from various high-end international stores around the world. If you are looking for one in UAE, then Lingerie Dubai is one of the reputed online stores to get them!

  • Thong

Different Variants Of Lingerie

Craving to transform into a super sexy diva without having those visible panty lines? Well, thongs from Lingerie UAE got you covered! You can effortlessly pull off a stunning figure, flaunt your curves and ooze femininity like never before. They are exceptionally popular and the current generation is all over social media showcasing their fiery hip-cleavage to the world. The thongs are usually made from breathable materials such as cotton, satin or other lace variants and offer utmost flexibility and movement to women.


 Bottom Line

Women are well aware of the fact that the right fitting lingerie outfits can make a massive transformation in their private life. And having an arsenal of exceptional lingerie in their wardrobe makes all the difference in leading a confident and empowered life. The variants mentioned above are some of the classic types of lingeries that are meant to support and complement the beauty of your femininity. So choose them wisely from Lingerie Abu Dhabi or any other online stores mentioned above after understanding what truly ornaments your style and requirements.

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