Top 10 Online Lingerie Shops You Should Try in UAE

Online Lingerie Shops to Try in UAE

Top 10 Online Lingerie Shops You Should Try in UAE

In today’s digital world it is quite common to see a majority of the population purchasing their essentials from various online platforms. It is true that almost anything and everything is accessible online and you can easily purchase them online and get them delivered anywhere around the globe. And yet people are sometimes intimidated to buy lingeries online due to various reasons such as getting the wrong product delivered and size issues, which is quite understandable. Conversely, it is also a very convenient option to purchase them online when sites such as Lingerie Abu Dhabi, which are some of the few online lingerie shops to try in UAE, with their top-notch products and impeccable customer services. 

Let us now get to know about the top ten online lingerie shops to try in UAE that are famed for their well-crafted lingerie outfits!

The Towering 10 Online Lingerie Shops in UAE

  • Lingerie Abudhabi  

Over the years, Lingerie Abu Dhabi has set an exceptional standard in the online lingerie market by providing a range of incredible lingerie solutions for all body types. They have been a game-changer in this industry and consistently innovated and advanced the products in their lineup with more inclusive options at affordable price points and a plethora of attractive offers. Moreover, this customer-focused company is uniquely structured to cater to the needs of anyone who avails of their service. If you are someone residing in the UAE, then Lingerie Abu Dhabi is definitely an impeccable online lingerie store that should not be missed.

  • Second Skin

The name says it all, and Second Skin is second to none in providing a varied assortment of Nightwear, Evening gowns and exotic lingerie that are available in variants of both modern and traditional designs. They have always guaranteed an exceptional level of customer service to ensure that the clients receive nothing less than the best from them. Evidently, this can be witnessed in the surge of rave positive reviews and customer support shown by their valuable client base in Dubai. This is a must-try online store in the Middle East that will fulfill all your lingerie needs without a hassle.

  • Lingerie Dubai

A wide array of fashionable and elegant lingerie variants can be found in the exotic listing of Lingerie Dubai. They have a highly skilled team of fitters who can assist you to readily choose the most compatible lingerie outfits from their colossal lineup. You can access a wide array of high-end intimate apparel that is crafted with unparalleled precision and uncompromising quality. So, do explore their excellent assembly of shapewear, sports bras, exotic lingerie wear and also an umpteen selection of essential daily inner wears that are available online at Lingerie Dubai


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  • Namshi

A totally unique experience awaits fashion aficionados in the Middle East from the fabulous lineup of lingerie wear from Namshi. They have consistently ensured to acquire and supply the latest lingerie outfits and similar products from top international brands. Moreover, they have also ensured to source the lingerie outfits from brands that are emerging in the local markets. You can get top-notch products from these curated collections that have over 700+ brands, and all you have to do is get online and order your favorite ones at the comfort of your home.

  • Kiabi 

Kiabi is one of the prominent establishments in the lingerie market of the Middle East that offers a gorgeous collection of clothes and intimate apparel at phenomenal rates. They have remained a favorite among the gulf populace with their jaw-dropping variants of lingerie outfits that are both aesthetic and elegant.

  • Miracle Lingerie 

Having some of the most sought-after lingerie outfits in the Middle East, Miracle Lingerie has grown leaps and bounds as one of the trusted companies that supply a spectacular range of lingerie outfits in the UAE. Their timeless collection can indeed accentuate your appeal to a goddess level and makes you the most desired person like never before.

  • Snazzyway

You will never regret shopping from Snazzyway, as they guarantee an ultimate collection of lingerie outfits that are available in thousands, crafted with high-quality materials, and offer the utmost comfort and confidence to the wearer. You can access them in a wide variety of options in different colors, variants, and sizes with economically feasible rates. Moreover, they offer various payment methods and hassle-free delivery at the lowest prices. 

  • Hamac 

Undeniably, Hamac has greatly contributed to the supply of high-end lingerie outfits and swimwear for women, men, and children throughout the UAE. They have been instrumental in supplying the customers with a plethora of lingerie with trendiest collections, high-quality fabrics, and vibrant colors of lingerie outfits with high precision cuts and designs. You can get your hands on the lingerie essentials from top international brands such as Sundek, Despi, GlamOnYou, Vilebrequin, and more from Hamac.

  • Sexy Lingerie Dubai

Perhaps the most popular online store that promotes gender equity in the products that they supply is Sexy Lingerie Dubai. Their priority has been to provide the populace of the UAE with the most exceptional assortment of glamorous and aesthetic lingerie outfits for the most reasonable prices and exciting offers. Apart from exotic lingerie outfits, they also provide a striking range of sexual wellness products such as delay sprays, personal toys, water-based lubricants, and creams, etc.  

  • Lingerie UAE

 Rooted in authenticity and prioritising customer-focused business strategy, Lingerie UAE has once again proved its versatility as an exceptional provider of top lingerie outfits in the UAE. So far, they have been an unrivaled establishment and garnered enough attention from the exotic lingerie enthusiasts in the Middle East for their show-stopping lingerie designs and customer services.

Online Lingerie Shops to Try in UAE


Be it exotic lingerie wear from Lingerie Abu Dhabi or an elegant and provocative one from Sexy Lingerie Dubai, there is absolutely no dearth for getting a pair of decent lingerie outfits from the UAE with all these amazing online stores. It is only your imagination, time, and money that matters in getting your preferred range of lingerie apparel from the best stores out there in the online shopping universe of UAE.

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